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Ending the Frustration of Browsing by Improving Your Internet Speed

Ending the Frustration of Browsing by Improving Your Internet Speed

The need for speed has gone beyond things like car and motorcycle racing. Today’s internet users want fast speed as well when they’re online, especially when they download huge files or play online games. For them, a slow internet connection is a no-no.

It can indeed be very frustrating when our internet gets slow, most especially when downloading even a document file is at a snail’s pace. Even though we signed up for a certain internet or broadband speed, we don’t really get what we’ve been promised all the time.

If there’s nothing your ISP or internet service provider can do to increase your speed, you can do the following at your end:

Check your firmware and/or driver for your router or modem – Sometimes it is the modem or the router or even the network adaptor that’s causing the slow speeds. The firmware or driver for your modem or router may no longer be up to date, which calls for some updates. Companies that make these devices are always finding ways to improve the performance of their products by way of updating the software that goes with them. A simple driver or firmware update can do wonders in improving your internet speed.

Improve your access point – Sometimes the connection is slower when the computer you’re using is not connected directly to your broadband and is instead linked via Wi-Fi. If you live in a highly populated city, there could be a lot of Wi-Fi installations within your vicinity, which may be causing interference. If that’s what’s causing the sluggish connection, try to change the channel of your router. Check its manual for instructions on how to do it.

Clean your machine – Sometimes the culprit for the slow speeds is some nasty viruses, spyware or malware in your computer. Get rid of these offenders by running your anti-virus program. You should also clear your browser of cookies, cache, and browsing history. Doing these simple things can actually help improve your internet speed.

Call your ISP – Once you’re done doing things at your end but you still can’t get a satisfactory speed, contact your broadband provider so they can run tests on your connection. The problem may be with the line or somewhere in the network. They can run these tests from their end by simply pushing buttons.

Make sure you get what you’ve paid for by following these tips to increase your broadband speed at home to make your internet experience something you’ll enjoy and not despise.